In between interviews and interns.

Av någon anledning började jag skriva på japanska, sedan engelska ocn nu svenska.

Igår var jag på intervju. Det här är vad jag hade på mig.

Klänningen är designad och gjord av mig (från sratch med mönster och allt). Den är uppsydd i ett duvblått tyg  i polyester som jag spanat länge på Okadaya. Känns alltid lika kul när man är klar med ett projekt. Nu är sommaren snart över och jag har fortfarande mitt hawaiian 2-piece- projekt kvar. Förhoppningsvis är jag färdig med den till nästa sommar.

As some of you might know I’m working as an intern for a japanese apparel company. Well, I don’t know if you can use the term ”working” since I’m not getting payed (exept for merits). It’s really fun though and the people are really nice and I’m really starting to like the place I’m at right now which might lead me to a problem.
I was on an iterview today with a different company. Overall I think (or at least I hope so) I did well considering nerves and above all that, speak in japanese with CONFIDENCE.  That was challenging enough. I’m not sure when the results will come out but thinking about the previous test- results it might take about two weeks. Now, the problem is that the place I’m working on as an intern doesn’t start their selection until two weeks. As any other country Japan is suffering from depression which makes it really hard to find a job. Because I’m not japanese I don’t have the freedom to wait for a better offer. If I don’t get a job I have to go back home to Sweden. Which inevitably means that I have to take what ever offer comes my way. There’s no other option for me. The grass might be greeer on the other side but I’ll just have to do with the grass on this side- kind of deal.
Don’t get me wrong. I would be more than happy to get ANY job. But I can’t help but thinking if I’m going to do the right thing. Either way I will get working experience so from that perspective anything is good, but it would be so much greater if it would be a place where I felt that I really belonged. And I really really like the place I’m at now. The people, the atmosphere (except for the morning routines when it’s a bit of a sect-ish feeling with everyone facing the windows and repeats the same thing). I wish I could have a chance to take the test next week so I could find out if I’m qualified or not but I guess life doesn’t really work out the way you want. I just hope it works out.
Anyway, this is what I wore to the interview. Its a dove blue dress made out of 100% polyester (I think) and has a luxury feel to it. I kind of made it in a hurry so you wouldn’t want to take a look inside the dress but as long as it has a body in it, the flaws won’t show.









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